Teaching Philosophy

Music for the Love of it



Dolly Jones has a unique and effective teaching approach and vision within the walls of her studio. She believes music education should first-and- foremost be enjoyable and fun! For nearly 15 years, Dolly has taught both privately and at various music schools including art centers and inner-city classrooms.  Because of this, Dolly has gained an insightful knowledge on just how important music and the arts is within a community. She has the ability to connect quickly and effectively with her students, and has found joy and fulfillment in knowing what a difference music has made in so many of her students lives. She believes in tailored, one-of-a-kind lessons designed to meet each of her students individual needs and goals. MUSIC FOR THE LOVE OF IT is something she strives to instill into each of her students; creating music with joy, and embracing the process of both failure and success. She thrives on encouraging and motivating her students to do their best, giving them room and a safe place to explore and have fun with their instrument. Beyond learning how to play an instrument or sing, Dolly believes in the transformative power of music to help teach self-discipline, provoke creativity, improve cognitive and mental clarity, aid in spiritual and physical well-being, and so much more. Music education is so much more than just learning how to read notes, but is an all-encompassing art that encourages mental and  

 physical dexterity and development that will benefit both students young and old, and last a lifetime. 


Students will find a well thought out curriculum focused on the students personal goals that encompasses both a structured, step-by-step learning path that includes both theory and technique, combined with supplemental materials designed to help the student improve upon classical technique or translate classical application to their preferred style.

Most of our instructors formal training is in classical music from some of the countries top music schools and conservatories. Because of the discipline and attention to detail required when learning from a classical approach, students are better able to grasp other styles in a faster, safer, and more consistent manner. Song writers also benefit greatly from having a deeper, more thorough understanding of music theory in order to aid in creating the most interesting and unique sound they can! In short: classical technique can easily be applied to ANY other style and helps to reinforce basic skills and disciplines that will benefit the musician for a lifetime. 

Beyond the technical aspects, music requires a full co-operation of ones entire being. Music transforms our minds and spirits, and allows us to communicate what words cannot. Students will learn how to quiet their minds, slow down and focus, and allow themselves to shine through the music they make. At Dolly Jones Music Studio, our instructors have strong and on-going backgrounds in many aspects of performance and are equipped with the tools and experience needed to teach their students the thoughtful and creative process of expression through music. 




Dolly Jones received her B.A. in Music (vocal performance and piano studies with a minor in theater performance) from Spring Arbor University. She also received a certificate in Stage Management  in collaboration with Center Stage Jackson and has completed Post Graduate courses in Childhood Psychology and Development from Liberty University. Dolly has performed with numerous bands and choirs on both the amateur and professional level, has performed lead and semi-lead roles in musical theater, and has released two, full-length albums and numerous singles. Her passion continues to be in writing and recording her own music and she hopes to release her next album by 2020!

Outside of the studio, Dolly can be found hiking and running with her husband and friends, taking care of her chickens, and being a homeschool mommy to three, going on four kiddos (all under the age of 5!). Also, besides Chopin, iced lattes are her main jam. She currently serves in her church music ministry and choir, performs at local music venues, and as an Air Force veteran, continues to sing for important military and local political events. 


Dolly is certain that you will find a home within our studio, and that you will be able to discover (or re-discover) music in a new, fresh way. Whether you are a professional musician needing help with some vocal hang-ups, a songwriter looking to polish your piano skills, or a beginner who has never played a note in your life, we are here to come along side you,  and together we'll help you reach your full, music potential!